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The Aldershot District Singles Pool League (hereinafter referred to as ADSPL), is the organisation of Pool Associations/Leagues/Individuals in the Aldershot District who play World Rules, Eight-ball Pool.







1.1 The ADSPL is a democratic organisation formed for the benefit of Pool players who wish to play Eight-ball Pool, World rules (WR)

1.2The ADSPL does not wish to have any conflict with any other organisation in the Cue Sports world but merely wishes to promote the game for the playing population of Aldershot District, Surrey & Hampshire.

1.3The purpose of the ADSPL is to:

a) Unite the Pool Associations/Leagues in the Aldershot District who play Eight-ball Pool (WR) and support them in their efforts to promote the sport.

b) Provide information on qualifying events for interleague and county trials, for men’s, ladies and juniors.    

c) Provide interleague teams within Aldershot, Surrey and Hampshire Borders.

d) Seek sponsorship for the ADSPL and where possible subsidise interleague teams representing the ADSPL.

e) To organise and run qualifying competitions for Interleague.







2.1   ADSPL, team & player registration fees will be set at the AGM.


2.2  Currently team registration fees are set at £40, the fee is set to cover the administration and running of the  league and cost of league  & cup trophies.

2.3  Individual players fees are free up until the end of the first week of matches played on the date stated in the  fixtures list, thereafter the individual players fees will be at a cost of £2.50 per person.

2.4  Players can be registered on the night of play; however the player fee and the registration slip must be  received within 48 hours, failure to do so will incur penalties (see 2.5). Any player registered on the night of  play must be highlighted as 'NEW PLAYER' on the match result sheet. Contact with the Chairman / Vice  Chairman will be deemed acceptable. If a new player is not registered within the stated time, he becomes an  unregistered player

2.5  Teams playing un-registered players will incur a 2 point penalty this will be taken away from the team score,  and any frames won by the offending player will be reversed (awarded to opponent). If this results in the    non-offending team then winning the match, the match bonus points will also be awarded to the non-  offending team.








3.1  Winter season: A match will consist of 15 single frames of pool played to world rules.

 A team will consist of a minimum of 5 players playing a maximum of 3 frames each; but no more than one   frame in each of sessions one & two. a team can play with 4 players however the last frame in each    section will be conceded. Playing order to be as on match result sheet. Team K.O.Cup matches to be played   to the same seasonal format but the first team to reach 8 frames will be the winners. (see also 3.2)


3.2  Summer Season: A match will consist of 15 single frames of  pool played to world rules, with a team of  5   players playing 3 frames each, however Teams can play with a minimum of 4 players, with a player playing   no more than 4 frames. Playing order to be as on match result sheet. Format is to be reviewed prior to next   summer season at a predetermined meeting.

 No match can be played with only 3 players.


3.3   Playing order: The playing order for match result sheets for the winter season will be numbered :-


 HOME TEAM                                        AWAY TEAM


 Session 1    1-5.                                      Session 1    1-5.


 Session 2    3, 2, 1, 4, 5.                         Session 2    1, 4, 5, 2, 3.


 Session 3     No numbers (blank).          Session 3    No numbers (blank).





    3.4  Prior to commencement of match :-


SESSION 1.   Each team (captain or nominated person) must enter the first five names onto the result sheet in session 1 order of play 1 to 5. These numbers become the adopted number for those five players.

Prior to the start of the first frame both team captains (or nominated persons) must exchange sheets to ensure playing order has been confirmed - then handed back. This must be done to ensure fair play - no exceptions.


SESSION 2.   After completion of session 1 frames, each team (captain or nominated person) must enter the next five names onto the result sheet in session 2 order of play. At this point teams with more than five players may 'substitute in' any remaining players in place of existing previous order players in section 1 by adopting said number on sheet (ie new player to be put in for position 1 (or any other of the numbers 2 to 5) in section 2) existing player from section 1 position 1 etc is 'substituted out' and may not play any further part in session 2 of the match. This may be done for each of the positions in session 2. A player that has played in session 1 cannot play in session 2 under a different number.

Prior to the start of the first frame of session 2 both team captains (or nominated persons) must exchange sheets to ensure playing order has been confirmed - then handed back. This must be done to ensure fair play - no exceptions.


SESSION 3.   After completion of session 2 frames, each team (captain or nominated person) must enter the next five names onto the result sheet in session 3 which is deemed as a RANDOM order of play session. At this point teams may 'substitute' back 'in' players to any position in that session (no number required) the 'substituted in' player may play a maximum of two frames in session 3 and no more than a total of three in the match..

Prior to the start of the first frame of session 3 both team captains (or nominated persons) must exchange sheets to ensure playing order has been confirmed - then handed back. This must be done to ensure fair play - no exceptions.

    3.5  The Captain is allowed to play players early/late if individuals are running late or need to leave early but must play to the number first given in each of sessions 1 & 2 and any random position in session 3. The other team captain must be informed of this prior to each session of play.

    3.6  This allows for players to be late and stops teams claiming frames or being upset about the players not being  on time.

    3.7  However all teams must have played at least four players during the total time of the match, if three players have played three frames each then the fourth player must then be available to start the 10th frames. The nominated player of the tenth frame will have 10 minutes to address the table failing to do so will mean a loss of frame and match due to the offending team not having a minimal team of four players.

    3.8  Any player that plays a shot without first having his name on the match result sheet will be deemed to have   played 'out of turn', which is deemed in the rules as interference / un-gentlemanly conduct. PENALTY - LOSS OF FRAME.

    3.9  All other restrictions / rulings apply.





    3.10 ADSPL playing rules are governed by the English Pool Association; These Rules are World Eight Ball          Rules to the latest current release for current playing season. (See appendix A for old EPA rules league).







4.1  The official start time of each match played on a Tuesday night will be 20:00 hrs; any deviation from the start  time if not previously agreed by both captains will incur the following penalties :-

10 minutes late loss of frame one.

20 minutes late loss of frame two.

30 minutes late loss of  frame three.

If a team is more than 30 minutes late the non-offending team captain will have the choice to play the match  when the offending team arrive or postpone the match until a later date set in the calendar.

      Note: Any team that does not turn up for any league match and does not first inform the opposing team      captain / Chairman or Vice Chairman, then the offending team will be penalised with a 5 point penalty this  will be taken from their current total score at the time. See also section 5.

4.2  However the non-offending team captain should ensure the following is carried out;


a)   All possible means have been tried to contact the offending team captain.

b)   If playing away the club or pub has been contacted to ensure they are, or are not intending to play the        match.

c)   The home venue has been asked if anyone from the visiting team have made a call to the club/pub staff        etc.

d)   The result sheet has been completed and signed by all players including reserves, from the non-offending        team.

e)   The ADSPL Chairman / Fixtures Secretary or Vice Chairman have been informed of the issue, on the              night of the match.


4.3  If a team believes that there were extraordinary circumstances as to why the committee were not informed, of  the reason/s for not attending a match, then the team captain may apply in writing to the committee stating the  reason/s why there was a non-attendance, the committee will then make a ruling on the issue.

4.4  On all issues concerning postponement of matches, non-attendance, awarded points or reduction of points where an extraordinary meeting is required, then the committee for these issues will consist of and be dealt with by all team captains and the chairman and / or vice chairman of the league.  






RESULTS SHEETS  (see also section 3.3 & 3.4 for playing order & match protocol)


4.5  Result sheets are to be completed by both teams and should be completed in full, with the first & last name of  each player on the home and the away team sheet.

4.6  Each sheet should also have: Team name, (start time), venue home or away, captains signature,

4.7   Results are to be texted to either the fixtures secretary or the chairman on the night of the match.

4.8   Result sheets are required to be submitted by both participating teams and are to be emailed to the ADSPL   website. Result sheets are to be received no later than the following Sat by 14.00 hrs at the latest.

     4.9   Result sheet arriving later than the time stated in 4.8 will incur penalties as in 4.10 & 4.11 below.

     4.10 Late winning team result sheet, the team will lose the two match points gained.

     4.11 Late losing team result sheet, the team will lose two points from the total score gained. Note : if the losing    side failed to score then minus two points will be awarded.




    4.12 The fixtures secretary is responsible for the playing dates for any league single & double competitions. The    playing date of each round must be clearly set out in the ADSPL calendar. This date must not be altered once set by the fixtures secretary. These must stay as printed so as to allow people to plan around dates when they enter. A completion date (generally two weeks after the ADSPL set date) shall be set by the fixtures secretary for completion of each round. However an agreement should be made between individuals as to what day they play on if there is a problem with making the original fixture set date. The fixtures secretary must be informed prior to the initial date set on the ADSPL calendar. No exceptions will be made if this date is not met. If extenuating circumstances occur it will be deemed as bad luck. Note the non-offending player will progress through automatically.

    4.13 A player cannot play in any cup match unless he/she was registered at least seven days before the cup match       and must have played in a league match before being eligible to play in any cup match.

    4.14 Summer league cup matches are subject to review at the beginning of the pre summer season meeting.




    4.15 All players must have been registered to a league team 7 days prior to tournament to be able to play in the   singles competition.




    4.16 At the start of each match there will be a referee and time keeper.

    4.17 The home team will provide the (Time Keeper) to keep time for each individual frame, this can be a   nominated person or several individuals nominated throughout the duration of the match, this will be    decided by the home team captain.

    4.18 The away team will provide (The Referee) this can be one nominated person, or several individuals  nominated throughout the duration of the match, this will be decided by the away team captain. Note :    Timing / refereeing can be shared throughout the duration of the match if both captains are in agreement.

    4.19 Stop watches should be used for the timing of all frames of the match, however if not a stop watch, then a      mobile phone stop watch can be used. Note: Stop watches are preferred and will be used in all competition finals run by the ADSPL.

    4.20 If at any time during a frame a cueist is unhappy with the time taken or called then he/she is entitled to ask to see the stopwatch and the time recorded on it by the time keeper. Note : 'timeout' should be called.

    4.21 If there is a dispute as to the timing of the match or time foul called the Referee will always be the sole judge  of fact, the ref should, check the timekeeper’s time piece to ensure more than 60 seconds have elapsed; If 60 seconds have elapsed then the referee is to comply with the 'time foul' rule and award the time foul.  

    4.22 Time keepers are to ensure that they give a clear verbal call to ensure the cueist and referee can hear the 30 second warning call clearly, (This does not mean you shout in to his or her ear drum).

    4.23 Once the minute (60 seconds) have elapsed the time keeper must call foul / time foul. The time piece should show a record of the time taken and should have been stopped i.e. not still be running. Note: If the timekeeper misses the 30 seconds call he must call 30 seconds immediately and then continue the 30   seconds remaining from that time: IE: if called on 43seconds then time foul will be called on 1 minute 13 s seconds, the timekeeper must inform the referee when he calls 30 seconds that he missed the 30 second call.






5.1  Although we do not condone the postponement of matches, it is sometimes inevitable that teams will        struggle to field a team, to this end in all cases, team captains are to ensure that the chairman/fixtures           secretary are informed with the reason for the postponement preferably by phone or via ADSPL website, the        opposing team captain should then be informed, this should be done at least twenty four hours before the   match is due to be played, also the venue should be informed to avoid any unnecessary cost to the venue.

5.2   All Postponed matches are to be rearranged and played on the spare weeks clearly marked on the fixtures    calendar; if this is not possible then the match is to be played on or before the Saturday of the last league     match clearly marked on the fixtures list. Otherwise teams contesting for trophies are in fairness allowed to       not play their remaining match until all penultimate round and catch up matches are played out.

5.3   Postponed matches can also be played on any night of the week, providing both team captains are in  `     agreement, and the chairman/fixtures secretary informed of the date the match is to be played, the result     should be texted immediately after the end of the match, with the result sheet reaching the fixtures secretary    no later 48 hours later.

5.4   No team will be awarded a match or frames for any non-played matches (see para 5.9).

5.5  Any team that does not fulfil the league fixtures clearly marked on the fixtures calendar by the end of the      league match season, will have all the points gained in the playing season removed, teams that have     played them will also have the points gained against the offending team and or teams removed.

5.6  If a match is postponed both captains are to agree a date of the rearranged match date, this is to be conveyed   to the chairman/fixtures secretary. If the chairman is not informed a week prior to the next free week for    allocated revised matches the committee will decide the date for them.

5.7   Teams are only allowed to have two postponed matches in a season, any more than this is to be in agreement     with the chairman (or where the chairman plays any part in that team the vice chairman), teams that are away   on holiday for more than two weeks are to bring forward one of the dates if practically possible.

5.8   Any team who fail to turn up at a cup match without first informing the ADSPL Committee will be deemed    to have conceded the match, unless there are extraordinary circumstances as to the reason for not playing the   match, this will be voted on by the committee as to whether the circumstances are deemed to be valid.    The committee’s decision is final.

       5.9  If a team postpones a match within an adequate time frame ie 24 hours (8pm the previous night) then there      will be no penalty. If a team postpones a match inside that time frame a deduction of 2 points will be given to   the offending team at the time of the fixture. If the same team postpones a second match inside the 24 hour   time frame then a deduction of  4 points will be given at the time of the fixture.






6.1  The winner of the league is decided by winning the most frames and match points to give an overall points         count this is compiled by playing all of the frames against each team in the league and the winning of           matches played, the frame count will be compiled by (winning frames and awarded frames).

6.2  If in the event of teams tied on overall points there will be a decision made via a count back :-


 6.2.1   Overall points.

 6.2.2   Frame count.

       6.2.3   Match wins.

        6.2.4   Who beat who, if one win and lose each;

       6.2.5   Frame count from both matches home and away. (if still even)

        6.2.6   If there is no difference at 6.2.5 then a Play off will take place. Venue will be neutral - decided by the                    committee.






6.3  The winners of the Team KO Cup / Plate :-  When playing in a cup / plate match the match will be decided         by the most frames won. Cup / plate matches will be the best of 15 frames in both summer & winter formats.




6.4  In the league, KO Cup & Plate only 6 trophies will be given out to each the winners and R/up, any team that        wins or is R/up can ask for further trophies which will be arranged by the committee, however the team          requesting extra trophies will have to pay the extra cost for the extra trophies.

6.5  Singles Winners & R/Up will be given trophies and or prize money. This will be decided on by committee at   the AGM prior to the start of current playing season for that tournament. The monetary amount will be        dependent on entries received at the start of the tournament.




  6.6  This Cup will only be awarded to a team that have gone undefeated  throughout the winter playing season.    this will be the ultimate trophy and the team name and team players names will be inscribed onto the       trophy at the end of the winter league season.







       7.1     The Current Surrey County Pool Association Registration fee @ £45.

       7.1.1  County individual player registration fee @ £10 per player.

       7.1.2  Interleague fee @ £70 per team.

       7.1.3  Interleague Cup fee @ £15 per team.

       7.1.4  Interleague Player match fees are set by ADSPL @ £2. (These fees are not compulsory and are at the I/L        captain's discretion).





7.2  Individual player registration is required for Interleague and County. All players to ensure they are registered   prior to playing.   7.3  At the beginning of the year a Squad of players is announced, this will be dependent on players being       registered with the Surrey County Pool Association, only registered players who have paid the county fees   will be able to represent ADSPL in the interleague season, and at competitions run by the Surrey County    Pool Association.

7.4  At the end of the first year, all players will be invited to a trial for qualification to enter in to the interleague   Squad. Thereafter the top players from the Interleague team (as decided by the interleague selection    committee) will be given a place the following year and the rest will go into the trials.    

7.5  Once in the Squad, players will be guaranteed at least 1 frame in a match, unless he/she is a nominated    reserve. The current Interleague structure plays 3 sets of 9 frames, a total of 27 frames. 9 players and 2     reserves can play in each match.

7.6  Individual player registration is required for Interleague and County. All players to ensure they are registered   prior to playing.

  7.7  The interleague selection committee shall be a democratically elected committee.












8.1  Membership of the ADSPL will be by Individual membership, this entails being a registered player as part of    a registered team or by adoption to committee by democratic vote.

8.2  The Annual General Meeting shall set the level of the membership fees (see section 2).

8.3  All members must agree to acknowledge and to abide by the constitution and rules of the ADSPL at all times   whilst representing their respective pub / club.

8.4  Pubs / Clubs submitting teams for registration will provide the Secretary of the ADSPL with a registration   form listing details of all players full names and contact numbers along with the captain / vice captain's email   addresses  of which the club / pub wishes to represent them. (all members details will be kept strictly    confidential).




8.5   Membership shall cease on expulsion from the ADSPL (see section 12).







Financial year and sports year.

9.1  The financial year shall be from AGM to AGM.

9.2  The sports year shall correspond with the calendar year.


       Definition of the majorities and election procedures.

9.3  Votes and elections require a simple majority.

9.4  Should any vote result in parity, there will be a second ballot. Should there again be a parity of votes, then     the Chairman will have a casting vote.

9.5  Should there be more than two candidates in an election; the proceedings shall be as follows :-


1st ballot: The candidate who receives the majority of the votes will be elected. If no candidate attains a            majority of votes on the first casting then there shall be a second ballot.

2nd ballot: The candidate receiving most of the votes cast shall be elected.




In general.

9.6    The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the highest institution of the ADSPL. The Annual General Meeting    shall take place each year, on a date and place fixed by the Chairman before the start of the winter season.9.7  An ordinary General Meeting (OGM) shall constitute a quorum irrespective of the number of legible voters    present.

9.8  The Annual General Meeting shall be presided over by the Chairman of the ADSPL, or

          his/her pre nominated substitute. It is at the discretion of the Chairman to call his/her substitute or a delegate,    to preside over the meeting, should the next point on the agenda be the Chairman’s re-election.












       Convention and notification dates.

10.1  Eight weeks before the date of the General Meeting, the members shall be informed via team captains and     landlords/ladies in writing of the date, time and place of the meeting.

10.2  This notification shall include a notice of items to be discussed on an agenda at the AGM writing, within     four weeks of the date of notification (i.e. 4 weeks before the date of the Meeting). Also the minutes of the     last General Meeting shall be sent if they have not been previously circulated.

10.3  Members will be informed of the final agenda three weeks before the meeting. Amendments in writing will     be accepted up to two weeks before the meeting.


Powers of the General Meeting.

10.4  The General Meeting discusses and decides on all points of the agenda.

10.5  The agenda shall include the following points :-

   a)   Approval of the minutes of the last General Meeting.

   b)   Checking and approval of the annual reports from :-

The Chairman,

The Secretary,

The Treasurer and or the Auditors,

Any other officially appointed committee member with a report.

10.6   The setting up of a sub-committee.

10.7    Acceptance, expulsion or suspension of members.

10.8    Fixing membership fees, tournament fees, as well as other associated fees.

10.9    Approval of any budget for the coming financial year.

10.10  Discussion and voting on proposals.

10.11  The General Meeting may delegate certain tasks wholly or in part to the board or a sub-committee.

10.12  Changes to the articles or rules, or their total revision must appear on the agenda within the prescribed          period.


Right to vote and eligibility.

10.13  All delegates have to be announced to the General Secretary before the meeting, giving their names as well       as the name of their organisation.

10.14  As a general rule, votes and elections shall be conducted openly, by simple majority, it can however if           circumstances dictate, be decided by a secret ballot.

10.15  Decisions taken by the General Meeting shall be effective immediately. However, decisions concerning       sport technical matters such as rules, shall become effective from the start of the next playing season        following the General Meeting.



10.16  There shall be minutes taken on the decisions of the General Meeting.

10.17  Should the delegates require it, the minutes on individual points of the agenda shall be read out at the          meeting.


Extraordinary General Meeting.

10.18  The Committee is entitled to call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) at any time. The committee is       obliged to call an EGM, if at least one third of the members request such a meeting in writing, stating the       reason and the points to be discussed.

10.19  The Committee is obliged to give notice of an EGM within 7 days of receiving the request. The period        between the invitation and the EGM shall be at least 7 but no more than 21 days.

10.20  Furthermore, the articles regarding the Ordinary General Meeting shall be applied.









       10.22  The General Meeting shall elect the Chairman and other officers.

10.23  The members of the committee shall carry out the following offices :-

1 – Chairman

2 – Secretary

3 – Treasurer

4 – Fixtures & Competitions Secretary

4 – County Representative

5 – Interleague Captains

10.24  The Committee may increase the number of members but this will have to be approved by the next       General Assembly.


Term of office and eligibility for re-election.

10.25  The members of the committee shall be elected in the Annual General Meeting.


10.26  Voting rights :-


            Chairman              1 voteVice Chairman          1 vote


      Club Secretary              1 voteTreasurer          1 vote


     Team Captain                           1 voteInterleague Team Captain        1 vote


        Fixtures & Competitions Secretary    1 voteCounty Representative             1 vote


       Elected committee members               1 vote


       10.27   Where committee members hold more than one office they can only vote in their highest capacity.

                   A maximum of one vote per person.


ChairmanJohn CookIncumbent                            Every Year

Vice ChairmanPaul DentonIncumbent                            Every Year

SecretaryPaul DentonIncumbent                            Every Year

TreasurerCraig DavenportIncumbent                            Every Year

Surrey County RepresentativeJohn CookIncumbent                            Every Year

Interleague RepresentativeAndy NorrisIncumbent                            Every Year

Fixtures & Competitions Secretary Steph Lewis / John CookIncumbent                            Every Year

Interleague Captain 'A' teamAndy NorrisIncumbent                            Every Year

Interleague Captain 'B' teamMatt YatesIncumbent                            Every Year

Committee memberNeil CallinghamIncumbent                            Every Year

Committee memberAshley FrancisIncumbent                            Every Year

Committee memberGavin DougallIncumbent                            Every Year

Committee memberIncumbent                            Every Year




10.28  The secretary must receive nominations no later than 28 days of the date of the AGM. In the event of         positions becoming vacant after that date then nominations will be accepted from the floor.

10.29  After the end of their term they may stand for re-election without further nomination.

10.30  A General Meeting may relieve a member from his/her position at any time, by secret ballot.

10.31  In the case of death, resignation or removal of a committee member the Executive Committee will elect a      replacement member, the member will be hold the position until the AGM, where the elected person and      stand for re-election along with any other candidate.

10.32  Re-election of a committee member is decided upon solely by (the General Meeting).

10.33  Admittance of nominations, which have been received late, must be voted on by (the General Meeting).



Authority to sign.

10.34  The Chairman at this point in time will sign on behalf of the ADSPL, for any monies out of the account, as      per the vote at the last AGM.


Duties and competence.

10.35  Committee members are obliged to safeguard the interests of the ADSPL only.

10.36  The Committee deals with all of the business of the ADSPL, which is not reserved for other designated      authorities by the rules.

10.37  The Committee executes and supervises decisions taken by (the General Meeting).

10.38  Within the limits of the rules and decisions taken by the General Meeting, the Committee compiles, decrees      regulations and changes of the rules for approval by the General Meeting.

10.39  The Committee is entitled to set up commissions for special tasks.

10.40  The committee is entitled to order sanctions against members of the ADSPL, as long as the statutes do not      apply this right to other authorities.


Committee Meetings.

10.41  The Committee meets when necessary.

10.42  The Secretary mails out invitations according to the instructions of the Committee.

10.43  For very urgent matters, telephone conferences are permissible.

10.44  Decisions shall be taken by simple vote. The Chairman shall have a casting vote in split decisions.

10.45  Minutes shall be taken on the decisions of the Committee and mailed to all committee members within six      weeks after the meeting.


Reimbursement of expenses.

10.46  All functions are honorary.

10.47  Members of the Committee as well as people elected by the General Meeting and assigned special tasks,        shall be reimbursed by the Treasurer of the ADSPL on production of the relevant receipts.









11.1  The income of the ADSPL consists of:

a)  Yearly team membership fees.

b)  Individual players (in-season) registration fees.

c)  Tournament fees.

d)  Interleague fees.

e)  Raffles and fundraising events.

f)  Sponsorship.

g)  Levied fines (where applicable).



11.2    The expenditure of the ADSPL consists of :-

11.3    Trophies for the team winners and runners up of the each division - winter & summer leagues.

11.4    Trophies for the team KO and Plate winners and runners up - winter & summer leagues.

11.5    Trophies for the singles KO winner and runners up - winter & summer leagues.

11.6    Trophies for the winner of individual averages for each division - winter & summer leagues.

11.7    Administrative costs.

11.8    Printing/copying costs for constitution, minutes and regulations.

11.9    Contributions to support interleague and or county affiliation fees, sport development.

    Interleague food (from interleague team funds only if applicable).

11.10    Set up and running costs of active ADSPL website.

11.11  Other expenditures specifically agreed on by the elected Committee.


Administration of the finances.

11.12  The Committee is responsible for administering the finances of the ADSPL. It is responsible for the income      and expenditures for the playing season.

11.13  At present there will only be one signatory to the ADSPL account this is due to the league being too small      to warrant an account set up cost, the monies will be recorded via John Cook's account, the Vice         chairman will keep a second eye on the account details.




11.14  The ADSPL is liable to the extent of its property.

11.15  Any personal liability of individual Committee Members is excluded.








In general / Disciplinary proceedings.

12.1  All issues regarding discipline or bringing the league into disrepute will be dealt with by the committee in a    fair manner.

12.2  Through its authorities, the ADSPL may inflict sanctions on its members for improper behaviour of their    representatives, members, teams or individual players.



12.3  The ADSPL run a zero limit policy on drugs, anyone found to be using drugs while taking part in a pool    match will be expelled from the league.


Expulsion from the ADSPL.

12.4    Expulsion of a member can only be made by the committee on one of the following grounds :-

12.5    Serious and wilful violation of the constitution or regulations of the ADSPL, as well has Non-observance      of decisions taken by the General Meeting.

12.6    Failing to meet the financial obligations towards the ADSPL by a specified date.

12.7    Incorrect actions, bringing the sport into disrepute, damaging the image and prosperity of the ADSPL.

12.8    Fighting at a pool match or fighting after a pool match where issues have escalated as a direct result of that      pool match.

12.9    Bullying or any other such behaviour or serious verbal abuse by means of social media with respect to the      sport.

12.10  A member must be informed in writing of their expulsion from the ADSPL.


Prosecution and carrying out of sanctions.

12.11  Sanctions are only imposed upon a respective motion. A motion has to be made within three months after      the unlawful event or it will not be entered into. Motions must be presented to the Disciplinary Committee      of the ADSPL in a suitable form and they must be entered into by the responsible body within one month      of receipt.

12.12  The disciplinary panel shall consist of :- Chairman, Vice Chairman and two nominated committee           members.



12. 13 Motions falling under the jurisdiction of the General Meeting must be dealt with at the next Ordinary or      Extraordinary General Meeting.

12.14  Should any allegations be made, these will have to be proven.


12.15  The following shall be accepted as proof :-

a) Official documentation.

b) Credible witnesses.

c) Evidence and expert opinion.






13.1  A resolution for the dissolution of the ADSPL may only be passed at a General Meeting called for this      purpose, with a majority of three quarters. At least FOUR of the Members of the ADSPL must be     present.

13.2  If the General Meeting should not have a quorum (4 members), another General Meeting shall be called    within two months. This second General Meeting shall have a quorum irrespective of the members present    and may decide on the dissolution with a 75% majority.

13.3  The General Meeting voting on the dissolution shall decide on management, utilisation or disposal of any    possible assets.


Final clauses.

13.4  The original constitution and regulations of the ADSPL were agreed at the General Meeting in April 2010,    Sovereign Snooker Club Hampshire, England and they came into force with approval by those present at    that General Meeting.


ADSPL - Committee Members contact details.


13.5  Chairman  / fixtures secretary :  John Cook 07793 492575   First port of call any time before 9pm.

13.6  V/Chairman  / General Secretary :Paul Denton 07881 930073

13.7  Treasurer :Craig Davenport 07886 536621

13.8  Interleague Representative :Andy Norris 07504 856522

13.9  County Representative :John Cook 07793 492572